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Why it’s Better to Adopt a Dog Rather than Buy One

Why its Better to Adopt a Dog Rather than Buy One 1

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As the holiday season swiftly approaches, so does the surge of both adoptions and abandonments. Christmas often offers the opportunity to adopt a pet, in the so-called “gift dog” phenomenon. However, it also marks the second-most popular time of year for pet abandonment, following the summer. We cannot stress enough that adopting should be done responsibly, fully appreciating the commitment involved in welcoming a dog into your home. Nevertheless, if you have considered this decision carefully, adoption through an association could offer considerable advantages compared to buying a dog.


Reasons for Abandonment

The reasons prompting the abandonment of a dog vary. Some owners feel overwhelmed, underestimating the costs involved in pet care (food, health) or the time commitment required (play, walks, cuddles). The constraints associated with vacations are also significant: dogs aren’t allowed at the holiday destination and their care becomes a problem. Consequently, they are often abandoned on the eve of holidays or even on the road. Other reasons that volunteers often recount with tears in their eyes or rage in their hearts are absurd: the dog barks, is clingy, is old, has too much energy, smells bad, or the owner dislikes its color…

Advantages of Adoption

Adoption offers numerous advantages compared to acquiring a dog from a breeder or a pet store. Another benefit of adoption is that you can opt for an adult dog. An adult implies a calmer, sociable pet, already house-trained, and often immensely grateful to its owner. However, if you prefer puppies, shelters also offer them, as sadly they aren’t exempt from abandonment.

Another perk of adoption is the wide variety available. Male or female, young or senior, mixed-breed or purebred… not to mention the shelter staff’s advice, who can inform you about each resident’s character!

Lastly, we should note a supremely gratifying advantage: you perform a good deed and give a second chance to an animal who, in return, will give you heaps of love! Adopting from an association is an ethical choice benefiting everyone: you’re happy, you make a dog happy, and you support a shelter – everyone wins!


Conditions and Procedures

The first step is undoubtedly personal reflection. Adopting a dog implies awareness of the commitments involved: allocating a budget, availability (play, care, frequent walks), and planning for vacations and dog-sitting. Once the decision is made, it’s recommended to make initial contact with a dog shelter or an animal protection association. This allows you to identify adoptable dogs and choose your future four-legged companion. It also offers the chance to talk with the team, gather information about the animal (background, temperament, health status), and refine your choice. A second family visit (including children and other four-legged family members) is recommended so that the dog can meet its new life partners! If the connection is good and the choice is settled, the next step is to provide the necessary documentation for the adoption contract: proof of identity, proof of residence less than three months old, and sometimes proof of income.


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