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How to Clean an Aquarium Glass Without Scratching It?

How to Clean an Aquarium Glass Without Scratching It 1

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How to Clean an Aquarium Glass Without Scratching It?

Aquarium keeping is an exciting activity that stimulates the creative perspectives of those who practice it. However, aquariums require regular maintenance, and one important aspect is cleaning the glass. The clearer the aquarium glass, the better you can enjoy the underwater life. What tools should you use and how should you proceed to clean the aquarium glass? Why does the glass of the aquarium get dirty?

Tools and Cleaning Process

How to Clean an Aquarium Glass Without Scratching It

The fish and plants in the aquarium need to thrive in a clean and pleasant environment. However, the glass is prone to algae and limescale buildup, which necessitates cleaning. Cleaning the interior and exterior of the aquarium glass is crucial during maintenance, and it is not a very difficult task.

Cleaning the Interior Glass Without Scratching It

If there is excessive algae growth and heavy buildup, it is necessary to clean the aquarium glass and check the water parameters. Here are some tools you can use:

  • An old credit/EC card: Using a clean card is recommended to clean the aquarium glass without scratching it. Make sure the card is not already scratched or broken, as it can leave unattractive marks during cleaning. Also, ensure there are no small stones between the EC card and the aquarium glass. Cleaning the glass will require sliding the card back and forth.
  • Car ice scraper: You can also use a car ice scraper to keep the aquarium glass clean. Be cautious of small stones that can cause scratches, which can be very bothersome. Before cleaning, ensure that the ice scraper is well cleaned (but not with chemical cleaning products).
  • Aquarium wool: Aquarium wool is highly suitable for cleaning aquarium glass. Its soft material prevents scratches on the glass and provides a clear view. Algae and deposits are easily and gently removed. Using cotton wool is harmless to fish and plants as it doesn’t involve the use of chemicals.
  • Magnetic cleaner: Specifically, you need two magnets for this cleaning process. The magnet inside the tank removes dirt from the aquarium glass using a blade, while the other magnet is placed on the outside. Align the magnets to create a magnetic effect, which facilitates cleaning the aquarium glass without scratching it.
  • Sponge: An aquarium glass cleaning sponge consists of two sides (a sponge side and a stainless steel wool side). This type of sponge allows for gentle removal of lime residue and algae, ensuring an effective glass cleaning without the risk of scratching.
  • Squeegee: Using a squeegee makes it easier to remove algae from the aquarium glass. Aquarium stores offer special tools for this type of cleaning, featuring a squeegee on one side and a brush on the other.
  • Razor blade: A razor blade can also be used to remove algae. Tilt it at a 45-degree angle to the glass and lightly scrape to avoid scratching.

Cleaning the Exterior Glass

Cleaning the exterior glass is also crucial. Dust, limescale, and fingerprints need to be removed from the outer glass. Here’s how:

  • Dip soft paper or lint-free cloth in warm water or vinegar and gently wipe the exterior of the aquarium.
  • You can use a glass cleaner, but make sure to spray the cloth with the cleaner far away from the aquarium before wiping the glass. Chemicals in the water can be harmful to plants and fish.

Why Does Aquarium Glass Get Dirty?

In the aquarium, algae and dirt accumulate on the glass surfaces. Snails that feed on algae serve as natural cleaners, but they can’t remove all the dirt, especially as they prefer young algae. Algae are the main contributors to the dirt on the aquarium glass. Additionally, inadequate lighting for the aquarium promotes persistent algae growth, resulting in quick glass soiling. Some aquarium enthusiasts give up their hobby due to frustrating algae problems. However, it should be acknowledged that algae are simply part of the aquarium ecosystem, and there is no aquarium without them. In the face of this, it becomes necessary to find ways to prevent their proliferation and regularly clean the aquarium glass.

In conclusion, cleaning aquarium glass without scratching it is easy with the right cleaning tools. The aquarium glass should be cleaned weekly, and all technical devices should be turned off during cleaning to avoid the risk of electric shock.

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