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How to calm an overly energetic dog

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Having an overly energetic dog can be both challenging and exhausting for dog owners. While it’s great to have a lively and enthusiastic companion, it’s also essential to ensure that your dog’s energy is properly channeled and balanced. In this article, we will explore effective strategies and techniques to calm an overly energetic dog, allowing for a harmonious and balanced relationship between you and your furry friend.

Understanding the Causes of Excess Energy

Identifying breed characteristics

Different dog breeds have varying energy levels. Some breeds, such as Border Collies and Australian Shepherds, are naturally more energetic than others. Understanding your dog’s breed characteristics can help you better manage their excess energy.

Lack of mental stimulation

Dogs require mental stimulation to keep their minds engaged and prevent boredom. Without proper mental stimulation, dogs may become restless and exhibit excessive energy. Providing them with stimulating toys and activities can help redirect their energy in a positive way.

Insufficient physical exercise

One of the most common reasons for an overly energetic dog is a lack of sufficient physical exercise. Dogs need regular exercise to burn off excess energy and maintain a balanced temperament. Insufficient exercise can lead to restlessness and hyperactivity.

Establishing a Consistent Routine

To effectively calm an overly energetic dog, it’s crucial to establish a consistent routine that incorporates various activities throughout the day. A well-structured routine provides a sense of security and predictability for your dog, helping them feel calmer and more balanced.

Regular feeding schedule

Maintaining a regular feeding schedule ensures that your dog receives proper nutrition and avoids fluctuations in blood sugar levels, which can contribute to increased energy levels. Stick to designated mealtimes and avoid free-feeding.

Exercise regimen

Create a daily exercise regimen tailored to your dog’s needs and energy level. Regular physical activity helps release pent-up energy and promotes overall well-being. Incorporate activities like walks, runs, and play sessions into your dog’s routine.

Sleep and rest periods

Ensure that your dog has designated sleep and rest periods throughout the day. Dogs, like humans, need sufficient rest to recharge. Provide a comfortable and quiet space where your dog can relax and unwind.

Mental Stimulation Activities

Engaging your dog’s mind is just as important as physical exercise. Mental stimulation activities challenge their intellect, alleviate boredom, and redirect excessive energy in a positive way.

Puzzle toys and treat dispensers

Invest in puzzle toys and treat dispensers that require your dog to figure out how to obtain the treats. These toys stimulate their problem-solving skills and provide mental stimulation while keeping them entertained.

Training sessions

Regular training sessions not only improve obedience but also engage your dog’s mind. Teach them new commands and tricks to keep their minds active and focused. Positive reinforcement training methods work best to motivate and calm energetic dogs.

Interactive games

Engage in interactive games such as hide-and-seek or treasure hunts with your dog. These activities provide mental stimulation and strengthen the bond between you and your furry companion.

Physical Exercise and Outdoor Activities

Physical exercise is crucial for burning off excess energy and promoting a calm state of mind. Incorporate the following activities into your routine to ensure your dog gets the physical exercise they need.

Daily walks and jogging

Take your dog for regular walks or jogs to provide them with an outlet for their energy. The length and intensity of the exercise should be appropriate for your dog’s age, breed, and overall health.

Fetch and frisbee games

Playing fetch or frisbee games in a safe and open space allows your dog to run and engage in high-energy activities. These games provide both physical exercise and mental stimulation.

Dog parks and socialization

Visiting dog parks or arranging playdates with other dogs allows your dog to socialize and expend energy through play. The interaction with other dogs can help them learn appropriate behavior and burn off excess energy.

Calming Techniques and Relaxation

In addition to physical exercise and mental stimulation, calming techniques can help your overly energetic dog find a state of relaxation and tranquility.

Massage and touch therapy

Gently massaging your dog’s muscles and providing touch therapy can help them relax and reduce anxiety. Use slow and soothing strokes to create a calming effect.

Music therapy

Playing soft and calming music in the background can have a soothing effect on dogs. Certain types of classical or instrumental music are known to promote relaxation and reduce stress levels.


Certain scents, like lavender or chamomile, have calming properties that can help relax your dog. Use essential oils or sprays specifically formulated for dogs and create a calming environment.

Implementing Obedience Training

Obedience training is essential for an overly energetic dog. Teaching them basic commands and proper leash manners establishes structure and discipline, leading to a calmer and more well-behaved companion.

Basic commands

Teach your dog essential commands such as “sit,” “stay,” “lie down,” and “leave it.” These commands provide mental stimulation and help redirect their energy in a controlled manner.

Leash training

Proper leash training is crucial for managing an energetic dog during walks. Teach them to walk calmly beside you without pulling or exhibiting excessive excitement.

Positive reinforcement

Utilize positive reinforcement techniques during training to reward desired behaviors. Treats, praise, and affection serve as powerful motivators for an energetic dog and help reinforce positive behaviors.

Seeking Professional Help

If despite your best efforts, your dog’s excessive energy persists or becomes problematic, seeking professional help is recommended. Dog trainers, behavioral specialists, or veterinarians can provide guidance and assistance tailored to your dog’s specific needs.


Calming an overly energetic dog requires a multifaceted approach that includes physical exercise, mental stimulation, consistent routines, and relaxation techniques. By understanding the causes of excess energy and implementing appropriate strategies, you can help your dog find balance and lead a calmer and happier life.

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