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Hot Weather: 6 Tips to Keep Birds Cool

Hot Weather 6 Tips to Keep Birds Cool

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If you are the proud owner of one or more birds, you must be vigilant during the summer, especially during heatwaves. Despite their ability to regulate their body temperature, birds also suffer from heat. To help them cool down and avoid dehydration, which can be fatal, follow these tips!

Good to know: The temperature of a bird is approximately 106°F. In case of intense heat, the bird instinctively presses its feathers against its body to prevent hot air from passing through. But if you notice your bird breathing more rapidly than usual, panting with an open beak, and moving slowly, it means it’s too hot. In that case, take measures to cool it down quickly and contact a veterinarian!

1. Provide Hydrating Foods

Some foods such as melon, cucumber, watermelon, and peach are rich in water. During heatwaves, don’t hesitate to offer these foods to your bird to keep it hydrated.

2. Provide Water Freely

It’s essential to offer your bird clean and fresh water at all times of the day and night for proper hydration. To ensure that it never runs out of water, change it in the morning and evening.

3. Place the Cage in a Cool Room

Throughout the heatwave period, place your bird’s aviary in the coolest room of the house. If that’s not possible, make sure to keep the shutters closed during the day and ventilate well in the evening to prevent hot air from entering and protect your bird from the heat. Note that using a fan is possible, as long as it’s not too powerful and not directly pointed towards the cage! The same applies to an air conditioner.

4. Place a Damp Cloth on the Cage

To lower the temperature inside your bird’s aviary, consider placing a damp white cloth or sheet on the top of the cage. But be careful not to cover it completely to allow air circulation!

5. Moisturize Featherless Areas

To cool down your bird and reduce its body temperature, moisten its feet and beak with water. However, never let it take a bath! If its feathers get wet, they will lose their waterproofing and allow hot air to pass through.

6. Put a Chilled Bottle in the Cage

Put a bottle of water in the freezer and once it’s cold, place it inside your bird’s cage. This will help cool the ambient air.

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