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Fat Balls for Birds Why It’s Necessary to Remove the Nets!

Fat Balls for Birds Why Its Necessary to Remove the Nets 1

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If you’re used to feeding birds in winter, you have probably used fat balls in addition to seeds. In that case, you have likely left the plastic net surrounding the fat balls to hang them more easily. Fatal mistake!

The Importance of Offering Fat Balls to Birds in Winter

As soon as the first frosts appear, around the month of November, it is recommended to feed the birds. And for good reason, once winter sets in, food sources become scarce for birds. However, they need energy to survive the low temperatures! Moreover, birds have a higher body temperature than ours, around 40 °C (104 °F). They require even more energy to maintain this level.

Even though seeds can be of great help, they are not very rich in nutrients. Therefore, it is possible to add fat balls, which are high in fat and calories. However, be cautious as commercially produced fat balls may contain food additives that can have harmful consequences for the birds’ health.

The Dangers of Fat Ball Nets

The fat balls available in pet stores or garden centers are often sold with nets, usually green in color. At first glance, these nets may seem convenient for hanging the fat balls on a branch, for example, while allowing the birds to peck through the net’s mesh.

However, in reality, these nets can be a deadly trap for birds. Why? Birds can get stuck, whether it’s their feet, beak, or even break a leg. If you are not present to notice it quickly, it can be a death sentence.

Fat Balls for Birds: Why It's Necessary to Remove the Nets!

What to Use Instead of Fat Ball Nets?

Removing the nets, alright, but how do you then hang the fat balls? Because many birds, such as tits, prefer to feed at higher levels. It is also much safer for them. By doing so, they are out of reach of predators like cats…

Don’t worry, there are solutions! The first option is to buy a fat ball feeder. This type of feeder has metal grids that hold the fat balls while allowing birds to access the food. However, be careful not to choose grids that are too wide, as you don’t want the birds to get trapped inside!

Other more “upcycled” solutions exist as well. For example, you can use a kitchen whisk that you will then hang on a branch. Alternatively, place the fat balls in a high dish or in a halved and hollowed-out coconut shell, to which you can attach a string.

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