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Essential Accessories for Guinea Pig Cage

Essential Accessories for Guinea Pig Cage 1

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In the domestic life of your guinea pig, there are certain things that should not be forgotten, as neglecting them could make your pet upset, unhappy, and depressed. Besides the cage and food, your rodent will need accessories to thrive on a daily basis. These accessories will serve it in various life tasks, whether it’s for feeding, grooming, sleeping, or playing.

A Water Bottle

Forget the water bowl, which can easily be overturned. It could also become dirty and offer unsuitable water to your rodent. Instead, make sure to install a water bottle in its cage. This will allow your guinea pig to drink freely throughout the day. Moreover, a securely attached water bottle to the cage bars will prevent any risk of spills.

A Hay Rack

This is an essential object for your guinea pig’s cage. The hay rack will keep the hay (preferably Crau hay) in a clean and sanitary place. It will be a favored spot for your animal, as it needs continuous access to hay. Hay is useful for both its dental health and intestinal flora.

Essential Accessories for Guinea Pig Cage

Two Food Dishes

You will need not just one, but two food dishes for your guinea pig. One dish should be exclusively dedicated to pellets, while the other should be reserved for vegetables, which should be provided sparingly and occasionally. Remember, your guinea pig will appreciate a gradual introduction of vegetables into its diet, in addition to hay and fresh grass. The pellets will provide the necessary nutritional supplements for its good health.

A House

The house should be spacious and comfortable. Your guinea pig’s house should have two entrances so that it doesn’t feel cramped. This small dwelling should have a flat roof so that your pet can rest on top of it. Your guinea pig will enjoy entering its habitat to rest and take refuge, as well as resting on top of it. Additionally, it is advisable not to build a house out of PVC or wood.

Essential Accessories for Guinea Pig Cage

A Sleeping Area

In addition to the house, your guinea pig will appreciate having a designated sleeping area. It can be a simple cushion or a hammock. Your pet will love resting, lounging, and spending its free time there.

Tunnels and Pipes

They may seem like occasional accessories, but they are not. Your guinea pig should have tunnels and pipes to crawl into. This will keep it occupied and provide a change of scenery.

Extra Additions

Your guinea pig wouldn’t mind having wooden logs inside its cage, as they can serve as shelters in case the cage is exposed to excessive external noise. These wooden logs, unfortunately, are not always a sign of excellent domestication. However, your pet can also use them as toys for amusement.

Additionally, you can also offer your guinea pig a fleece blanket. It will have the opportunity to snuggle into it and feel safe and warm.

These two items are not necessarily essential, but they will provide an extra touch and further enhance its cage.

Essential Accessories for Guinea Pig Cage


Your guinea pig’s habitat should be designed with its well-being in mind. It should provide a sense of comfort and fulfillment. It should meet its needs, obligations, and natural instincts. The cage is its living space throughout the time it spends in your home. It should have everything it needs to live in harmony with itself. It should be able to sleep peacefully, eat, and play as it pleases. Therefore, you should consider buying the following for your guinea pig:

    • A water bottle
    • Two food dishes, one for pellets and one for vegetables
    • A hay rack
    • A house with a flat roof
    • A designated sleeping area
    • Tunnels and small pipes
    • Extra additions, such as a fleece blanket, for example
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