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Dog Senior 10 Tips to Keep Them Happy

Dog Senior 10 Tips to Keep Them Happy 1

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1. Respect Their Familiarity

As dogs age, they become less tolerant of change. If you move or go on vacation, take their bed, food, and toys with you. However, if you want to bring a puppy or a kitten into the house, there shouldn’t be any issues, as it might even help alleviate their torpor.

2. Adjust Their Diet

Prepare meals for them enriched with high-quality fibers and proteins, purchase a specialized senior food from the veterinarian. The foolproof way to know if their diet suits them is by monitoring their stools! The smaller and well-formed the stools, the better the digestion.

3. Schedule a Health Check-up

Starting from their eighth year, a comprehensive health check-up that includes blood tests and urine analysis can help detect age-related diseases such as diabetes, kidney failure, and heart problems. Early detection leads to better treatment outcomes.

Dog Senior 10 Tips to Keep Them Happy

4. Provide Gentle Massages

Dogs love being massaged. It stimulates their circulation and alleviates joint pain. Gently rubbing their back or flexing and extending their paws enhances their well-being and strengthens the bond with their owner.

5. Monitor the Weather

As they age, dogs become more sensitive to both cold and heat. If it’s too hot, avoid excessive physical exertion and prolonged exposure to the sun. If it’s too cold and they’re shivering (below 32°F), make sure to keep them warm.

6. Ensure Their Comfort

To prevent them from getting tired, construct a ramp for them to access the car. Make their bed softer and keep them away from drafts.

7. Remain Calm with Them

If they become less obedient or seem irritable, stay calm. They might be suffering from hearing loss, hormonal imbalances, or senility. When in doubt, it’s best to consult a veterinarian.

8. Monitor Their Food Bowl

Dog Senior 10 Tips to Keep Them Happy

If they drink more water than usual or their eating habits change, it could be due to dental issues, diabetes, or kidney failure. In such cases, take them to the vet promptly.

9. Choose the Right Walks

A walk is always good for them. However, don’t make them run or ask them to climb a flight of stairs. These activities can cause minor joint injuries and exhaust them. Ideally, go for walks lasting between twenty minutes and an hour on flat terrain. If they lie down in the middle of the path, turn back and head home!

10. Keep Them Well-Groomed

If they have arthritis, grooming themselves becomes challenging. Therefore, brush them regularly and take the opportunity to perform a mini check-up. Are there any warts, tumors, or parasites? Touching your dog is the best way to detect any issues.

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