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Aquarium Tips to Successfully Catch a Fast Fish

Aquarium Tips to Successfully Catch a Fast Fish

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Some fish are harder to catch than others. They are quick and timid, and it can sometimes take over an hour, destroying half of the decor and scaring all their other companions.

To end this ordeal, here are our tips!

1. Choose the Best Time to Catch Your Fish

To catch your fish more easily, there are more favorable times than others! The idea is to catch them when they are still a little groggy, which means:

  • When they are hungry: You can attract them more easily with food.
  • In the morning: When the lights turn on (except for nocturnal fish).

It is ideal to get into the habit of feeding them in the morning and catching them shortly after turning on the light. Take note of the spots where they sleep, and you will be even more effective!

In any case, be patient and gentle:

If you move too quickly, you risk exciting or even irritating them, and then it becomes impossible to catch them. The key is to be agile at the right moment! Also, keep in mind that fish are particularly attentive to what comes from above.

2. Catch Your Fish with Two Nets or a Net

To easily catch your fish, the most recommended technique is to use two nets. The idea is to equip yourself with two nets, one larger than the other. Then:

  • Hold the larger net steady near the water’s surface.
  • Try to guide your fish into the larger net using the smaller net.

Alternatively, you can also try the net technique. Here’s how:

  • Place a fine-mesh net at the bottom of the tank.
  • Lift the net: gently at first, then more quickly.

Note: This technique is quite delicate and does not guarantee great precision. It is practical if you want to retrieve all your fish, but not so much when you are targeting a specific species.

3. Set a Trap to Catch Your Fish

As a last resort, if all your efforts to catch your fish have failed, you can try setting a trap for them. This technique is not very complex but requires a little patience.

Here’s how to proceed:

  • Find a bottle with a neck wide enough for the fish to enter.
  • Poke a few small holes in the bottom of the bottle with a needle: this will allow it to stay at the bottom of the tank.
  • Cut the bottle with a cutter 10 cm from the neck.
  • Place the bait that will attract the targeted fish the most, such as food, raw or cooked vegetables, etc.
  • Turn the cut-off part and insert it into the bottle.
  • Submerge the bottle and wait for the fish to enter.
  • Remove the bottle.

In any case, you will need to stay near the aquarium until the desired fish enter the bottle. Ideally, your fish should be hungry for the bait to play its role.

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