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Adopting a Kitten 5 Things to Know Before Getting Started

Adopting a Kitten 5 Things to Know Before Getting Started 1

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Like many people, you have decided to adopt a kitten. But you probably have a lot of questions: When is the best time to get started? Who should you approach to find a kitten? What preparations should you make at home? Here are the answers.

Table of Contents

  1. Where to Find an Adoptable Kitten
  2. When Is the Best Time to Adopt a Kitten?
  3. At What Age Should You Adopt a Kitten?
  4. How to Properly Welcome Your Kitten Home

Where to Find an Adoptable Kitten

The first option is to ask your acquaintances. Talk to your friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues about your desire to adopt a kitten. Some of them may have kittens that need a home. Word of mouth generally works well. You can also get in touch with the nearest animal shelter or SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). They have adult cats available for adoption, as well as kittens in search of a loving home. Lastly, you can do online research on exchange and sale websites among individuals.

Another option is to contact veterinary clinics in your city. They can provide information about current litters and also give you advice on the first few days with your kitten at home.

Adopting a Kitten 5 Things to Know Before Getting Started

When Is the Best Time to Adopt a Kitten?

Spring is the best time to find a kitten for adoption. Typically, it is the peak season for feline births. Cats’ heat cycles often align with the increasing daylight from late February. Longer days are conducive to cat reproduction. With a gestation period of two months, you have a better chance of finding a kitten for adoption at the beginning of spring.

At What Age Should You Adopt a Kitten?

A kitten should stay with its mother for two months after birth during the weaning period. These two months are crucial for the kitten’s proper development. During this time, the mother teaches the kitten essential rules (hygiene, acquiring cleanliness, etc.) that will facilitate a smooth transition into your home.

From two months onwards, the kitten can join its new family. However, you need to be patient with your pet and dedicate time and attention to it. Set aside playtime to socialize and build a bond. If possible, take a few days off to avoid leaving the kitten alone for too long during the first days.

If you have the opportunity, consider adopting two kittens from the same litter. They will adapt better to their new environment and won’t miss you as much in your absence.

Lastly, remember that a cat can be adopted at any age. Although their personality may be more defined, they can still adapt and find their place in your home with your help and a little time.

Adopting a Kitten 5 Things to Know Before Getting Started

How to Properly Welcome Your Kitten Home

Before bringing your kitten home, you will need to prepare and equip yourself. Here is a non-exhaustive list of items to purchase:

  • A litter box or a cat toilet. You can find various options at supermarkets, gardening stores, and online websites. It’s advisable to inquire about the type of litter box used by the owners of the kitten’s mother to facilitate a smooth transition and maintain familiarity for cleanliness.
  • Litter. There are numerous types available on the market. Again, choose the one that your kitten was using in its previous home.
  • Kitten-specific dry food or wet food.
  • Bowls for food and water.
  • Toys. Kittens are playful, especially if they come from a large litter. Offering toys like balls, mice, and fishing rods is a good solution to prevent boredom and avoid minor mischief like scratching your sofa or curtains.
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