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5 Tips to Protect My Ferret from Heat

5 Tips to Protect My Ferret from Heat 1

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Tip #1: Cool Down

The first thing you should do is keep your ferret cool! To do this, you can place your ferret’s living space in the coolest room, in the shade. To keep this room as cool as possible, you can close the windows and shutters to prevent heat from entering. You can also use an air conditioner to keep the ambient air temperature at 68 °F, while ensuring that the air conditioner does not create drafts towards your ferret.

If your ferret primarily lives outdoors, make sure its living space is always in the shade and follow all of my other tips to keep it cool.

Avoid engaging your ferret in vigorous play, as it may overheat. Of course, you can let it explore, the idea is not to prevent it from moving. To allow it to explore while staying cool, you can offer it a tray of moist soil.

5 Tips to Protect My Ferret from Heat

Tip #2: Hydrate

Make sure to keep your ferret hydrated with fresh water, which you should change several times a day to keep it as cool as possible. You can place water in a dish or use a water fountain.

Tip #3: Humidify

You can place damp towels (not completely soaked) in your ferret’s cage to keep it cool. You can also put towels in your refrigerator or freezer (not for long) to cool them down and place them at the bottom of your ferret’s cage.

Tip #4: Freeze

Refresh your ferret by freezing ice packs and bottles that you wrap in a cloth, allowing your ferret to cuddle up to them. You can offer your ferret frozen treats or prey. For the more creative, you can create ice cubes with treats (sprats, pieces of meat, salmon oil) and prey inside. Your ferret will stay well hydrated and cool! Another trick is to place ceramic tiles in the fridge to make them slightly cold and then place them at the bottom of your ferret’s cage.

5 Tips to Protect My Ferret from Heat

Tip #5: Sprinkle

Don’t soak your ferret! Gently sprinkle it with a spray to cool it down. You can also provide a shallow pool for it to dip its paws (and some even like to dip their heads!) in.


During extreme heat, there are things to avoid as much as possible!

Avoid outdoor outings and walks, especially during the hottest hours. Your ferret should not be exposed to direct sunlight or a hot car. Do not force your ferret to swim as most of them do not like it, and there is a risk of hypothermia. Do not leave your ferret in a draft, even if it’s hot. Lastly, avoid using warm fabrics and bedding (such as fleece) that will not help your ferret cool down.


Consult your veterinarian as soon as possible. If your veterinarian is not available, go to the nearest clinic.

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