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5 Original Ideas to Get Your Cat Moving

5 Original Ideas to Get Your Cat Moving 3

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When cats are not sufficiently stimulated, they tend to get bored. This is manifested by a decrease in physical activity, which can lead to behavioral issues and weight gain. On average, an overweight cat lives two years less than a healthy cat. That’s why all cats should exercise daily. Cats are hunters – they sleep a lot, alternating with short bursts of energy. And that’s where you come in…

Why Play is REALLY Important

Play not only keeps cats in shape, but it also helps them develop other skills. For example, kittens acquire essential hunting and problem-solving abilities through play, while adult cats put their predatory instincts to the test. Play also allows cats to learn how to control their biting and improve their coordination.

Playing has many benefits, but how can you get your cat to move? These tips will help make your cat’s exercise routine super fun while strengthening the special bond you have with them.

Introducing the Cat-ata!

Cats love to catch objects hanging above them. (You’ve surely noticed!) This is especially true if they contain treats! So why not make them a piñata… or rather a cat-ata? Here’s the tutorial! Take a plastic container – like an empty yogurt pot. Make a small hole in the bottom of the container and put in a handful of tasty kibble. Hang it with a string so that your cat can barely reach it. We bet it won’t stop until it knocks down all the kibble! A tasty and… muscle-building exercise!

5 Original Ideas to Get Your Cat Moving

Start with Two Cats

While you can always count on a dog to be eager to play with its owner, a cat is less likely to respond to an invitation to play. So, if that doesn’t work with your cat, how can you ensure they get enough physical activity? Double the fun! Cats who get along well love to chase each other and play together, which is an excellent way to burn calories! Mission accomplished!

5 Original Ideas to Get Your Cat Moving

Raise the Bar

A cat tree provides your feline friend with plenty of space to play, cling, jump, and climb. The more levels and hiding spots there are, the greater the challenge and fun. Hide some treats in it and let them show off their detective skills. You’ll also notice that your cat loves to sit at the very top of their tower, playing the king of the jungle and keeping a close eye on their surroundings. A-weema-weh!

Test Their Agility!

An obstacle course can be an opportunity to have fun while exercising! It’s best to start with easy-to-overcome obstacles and gradually increase the difficulty. Here’s an idea to get started: cut out the bottom of a bag and lay it on its side. Place a treat at one end of the “tunnel” and encourage your cat to go through it. Want to make things more exciting? Use a hoop instead of a bag. Place a treat or toy at the far end of your course and train your cat to pass through it. Over time, you can raise the hoop and the reward higher and higher! A perfect test to see if your cat is a daredevil!

The Power of Lasers

Videos of cats chasing lasers are classics on the web. And it’s not by chance! If you don’t mind teasing your cat, a laser pointer will entertain both of you for hours! Important: cats need to be satisfied with their hunt. This means it’s important for them to catch and feel the prey under their paws. Instead of making the red dot from the laser disappear, continue the game with a tangible toy. For example, you can encourage your cat to “catch” the elusive beam by “placing” the light on a plush toy to give them the sensation of firmly “catching” it with their paws. And of course, do not let the laser enter directly into your cat’s eyes!

The best way is to play with your cat in periods of 10 to 15 minutes. If they’re not in the mood, they will let you know. Maybe they’d rather have some cuddles and a tasty treat. Remember, these games not only help keep your cat fit, but they also help strengthen your bond!

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