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10 Simple Ideas to Entertain Your Bird

10 Simple Ideas to Entertain Your Bird 3

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You are the proud owner of a bird, but you feel like it’s bored? Does it look depressed and spend its time pacing around in its cage? It’s time to take action! Get inspired by these 10 ideas to entertain your bird and bring back its zest for life.

10 Simple Ideas to Entertain Your Bird

1. Install a mirror in its cage

Some believe that leaving a mirror constantly in a bird’s cage can cause nervous disorders. Ideally, you should only leave it for one to two hours a day so that the bird can have fun with its reflection without being disturbed. However, be cautious and choose a special bird mirror that doesn’t pose any risk of injury to the animal, especially if it becomes detached.

2. Let it fly freely

What could be more enjoyable for a bird than spreading its wings and soaring to great heights? Well, of course, you can’t let your feathered friend explore your garden. However, you can let it explore your house. Simply open its cage and let it wander around as it pleases. Make sure that all the rooms accessible to the bird are safe for it. Close the windows and doors, keep the cat away, and let the adventure begin!

3. Adopt a second bird

Some birds, such as parakeets, particularly enjoy companionship. Adopting a second bird can be a good alternative to boredom and loneliness. However, make sure that the birds get along well by carefully choosing their species and gender.

If in doubt, don’t hesitate to seek advice from your veterinarian or a pet store salesperson.

4. Regularly change perches and their arrangement

Perches are especially appreciated by our bird friends. They love flying from one perch to another. Not only is it amusing for them, but it also provides exercise.

To stimulate your bird, consider regularly changing its perches. Choose several perches with different shapes and textures for each week. And most importantly, frequently change their positions so that your bird never gets bored!

5. Buy toys

Birds enjoy interacting with their owners. If you buy them new toys every month and play with them, they will be even happier. Swings, ropes, ladders, rings, bells… The choice is vast! However, ensure that the toys don’t pose any danger to your bird, especially if you decide to make them yourself.

6. Leave the radio or television on

To alleviate boredom or simply feel less lonely, birds like to have background noise to listen to or images to watch. When you leave for work, consider leaving your radio or television on to provide some company for your pet. However, don’t turn up the volume too loud as the bird should still be able to sleep…

10 Simple Ideas to Entertain Your Bird

7. Place its cage next to a window

Similar to the mirror, a view of the outside can be a source of stress for the bird, which will spend its time looking out for potential predators. However, a few hours a day, it can be entertaining for them.

Once the viewing session is over, move its cage to a quiet room facing the wall.

8. Hide its food

To stimulate your bird’s senses and create conditions similar to those in which it would live in the wild, you can scatter its food throughout the cage, hiding it in toys or behind objects.

Over time, your bird will learn to search for its food and savor it better.

9. Talk to it

When you are at home, don’t hesitate to have conversations with your bird while going about your activities. This will help develop your relationship and entertain your bird.

If you have a parrot, be careful with any foul language!

10. Train it

Teaching tricks to your bird can be fun for both of you. For example, teach it to climb onto your shoulder by placing a few seeds there, or to climb a ladder, or even balance on a tennis ball.

You can also teach it more serious commands like recall, so that you can confidently release it in nature. Once it’s done exploring, it will instinctively come back to you. But be patient to achieve this result!

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